Environmental Responsibility
Brazilian Forestry
This project is based in the Amazon Rainforest and is based around the avoidance of deforestation and sustainable forestry management. The protection of the rainforest avoids the release of carbon emissions, trees act as a natural “sponge” by absorbing carbon dioxide. As well as carbon savings the project supports the Amazon’s rich biodiversity of plants and wildlife. The project has developed technical forestry schools aimed at the education of local youngsters as well as working with the State Park to develop initiatives and create local forest fire brigades.


Indian Wind Power

This project is based around wind turbines placed strategically to create clean green energy. The turbines are installed in the Gadag region of India, supplying power to the southern regional grid which is dominated by fossil fuel based power plants, thereby generating carbon credits. The local community has benefited from job creation, improved road connectivity and local business opportunities.